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How to prospect with the goyaPhone
Find out how to make calls, send follow-up emails, book appointments, set lead status, use custom fields and edit lead information: everything you need to get going, in just one video.
How to set the CallerID
When prospecting with the goyaPhone, you can display your cellphone number or a corporate phone number as the callerID. Find out how the phone verification process works.
How to select leads for the follow-up
Prospecting is not just about making cold-calls, it's also about following up efficiently. The goyaPhone is like the memory for salespeople: it helps you find and select leads that you might otherwise forget about. Find out how.
How to import leads in the goyaPhone
Picked up a business card, a new lead? Need to import a spreadsheet of leads? Don't worry about changing the order of the columns in your spreadsheet: the goyaPhone adapts to your data format. Find out how drag-and-drop makes importing leads from spreadsheets really easy.
How to organize leads with folders and leadsheets
Leads go into leadsheets and leadsheets go into folders: two levels of organization. You know your business better than anybody else so find out how the goyaPhone can help you organize your leads.
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