What if a new French sales software could actually help you

get more results?

By saving you time and hassle

Prospecting is the lifeblood of business, but it’s hard. First, you need the energy to keep making sales calls after sales calls, and sometimes, the motivation to even start. Then, you need to follow-up efficiently so that your initial work pays out. That's why the goyaPhone uses color psychology and gamification techniques: it's designed to help you keep going. For the follow-up, it's like the memory for salespeople: it saves everything you do so that you can remember it later. It combines the CRM, the phone and email, all-in-one, in a user interface designed for efficiency: no more manual data entry so that you'll make at least 10% more calls per year, for the same effort. With the goyaPhone, you'll get more results, with less stress.

By removing the pain of prospecting

Click below to see the interactive demo and imagine prospecting with the goyaPhone: it'll spare you all the tedious tasks of prospecting. Get a free trial and see for yourself, get a new sales software. From France.
Cold Calling
Client Follow-up
Appointment Setting
Payment Collection
Lead Qualification
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