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What equipment or software do I need?
The goyaPhone is an online software that works in the browser; there's no need to download and install anything. For the equipment, just plug a headset in your computer and you're ready to go. For the internet connection, you'll need to be on a network that allows websockets, which is generally the case. The goyaPhone is an online software and you can access your account from any device. However, making calls requires technologies that only work in Chrome running on a Windows 10 PC, Mac OS or a Chromebook and importing an Excel spreasheet is only available on desktops. For email, you'll need an email client configured to work with the mailto protocol. Click here for the goyaPhone compatibility test.
How does the goyaPhone connect to my email?
The goyaPhone only handles outgoing emails: incoming emails are the easy part of prospecting. If you're using an installed program such as Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird, you need to check that your operating system correctly connects to your email software with the mailto protocol; you can check that in the goyaPhone compatibility test. The goyaPhone also supports Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail. If you're accessing your email via a browser, there are plenty of browser plugins and extensions that handle mailto for generic webmail. The recommended option is to use the mailto protocol with an installed program such as Outlook or Thunderbird if using Windows, or Apple Mail if using Mac OS. You can download Mozilla Thunderbird for free.
How does the goyaPhone connect to the phone network?
Technically, the goyaPhone is a softphone that connects to the phone network via a SIP Trunk. This voice-over-IP technology is widely used, and if you subscribed to a phone plan for businesses, it is very likely that you’re already using a SIP Trunk. If configuring your physical phone required entering credentials into the device’s configuration panel, you likely already have a SIP Trunk and you can enter the same credentials into the goyaPhone. However, if you don’t have a SIP Trunk, many VOIP providers offer individual SIP Trunks for solo entrepreneurs or multi-channel SIP Trunks for businesses. Click below to see a list of providers.
What phone number will people see on their caller id?
With the goyaPhone, you can display your cellphone number or a corporate phone number, provided it’s not a premium number. We are a registered telecommunication operator at the Arcep (French telcommunication regulator) and we verifiy every 10 days that you are indeed reachable at the phone number of your callerID using an automated system. We can demonstrate that every phone call originated from the goyaPhone is compliant with the French regulation pertaining to callerID modification. The French anti-spoofing regulation of the Arcep is defined in Décision n°2018-0881 https://www.arcep.fr/uploads/tx_gsavis/18-0881.pdf paragraph 7.4.2, and summarized on the French Senate website http://www.senat.fr/questions/base/2019/qSEQ190610866.html
How do I import and export my data with the goyaPhone?
The goyaPhone works with the Excel format; if you use another software, you should be able to save files as Excel spreadsheet. To import leads, all you need is an Excel spreadsheet. No need to worry about the order of the columns: drag-and-drop makes it really easy and there's a video tutorial that explains the process. With the goyaPhone, you can also export your data in Excel format: in addition to leads, you can also export your call statistics and your call history.
Does the goyaPhone handle incoming calls?
No, it's for cold-calling warriors for whom incoming calls are the rich man's problem. On their callerID, your prospects will see your cellphone number or your corporate number and will call you back at that number. Besides, it wouldn't make sense to handle incoming calls because of course, you're not always at your desk.
Can I dial internationally?
Yes, the goyaPhone supports international dialing. Below is the list of ISO2 country codes that are automatically supported. If you need to make calls to other ISO2 country codes, please contact us so we can review your request to authorize your account for other destinations. There is a one-time setup fee of 39€ euros per additional destination.
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States of America
Is the free plan really free?
Yes, it's really free and we'll even give you 50 free calls every month. It's designed for those of you who need to cold-call occasionally: you always have full access to your data and the few times of the year when you need to do a cold-calling campaign, everything's ready for you. During the free plan, the maximum number of leads is reduced to 5000. If you had imported more leads while in a paid-plan, these leads will still be accessible but you will not be able to import any new leads until you switch to a paid-plan. Use of the goyaPhone is limited to fair use and if you abuse our system your account may be cancelled.
Is there a limit to the number of leads per account ?
Yes. During the free trial, you can import up to 2,000 leads. On the free plan, you can import up to 5,000 leads and on a paid-plan, the limit is 20,000 leads. When you switch to the free plan and your lead count exceed the free plan limit, all your leads remain accessible but you will not be able to import new leads until you switch to a paid-plan again.
How does customer support work?
Very simple: you just call. Many software companies take pride in having great customer support, but what does that really mean? Probably that their software is complex to set up and use, and requires support. Do you really want to spend time dealing with support issues? The goyaPhone is different: it's designed to be simple to use, and designed to work self-service, without support. However, if you need help getting started or have an issue, feel free to call. No endless email chain; you just call on your own time. If we need to do a screen-sharing session, we use Skype.
How does training work?
There are video tutorials for self-training. In about 15 minutes, you can become familiar with the main functionnalities of the goyaPhone. When you're just starting, it's important to watch the tutorial on how to import leads from an Excel file. The goyaPhone is designed to be efficient for those using it often and therefore more emphasis was placed on efficiency than discoverability for those using it for the first time. But overall, the goyaPhone is pretty easy to use and training is usually not an issue. If you need support to get started, feel free to contact us.
How does the free trial work?
The first step consists of creating your goyaPhone profile. The second step consists of importing your first spreadsheet. During the free trial, you can import up to 2,000 leads. You can test importing your spreadsheet in the interactive demo as many times as you need and see how your prospects will render. It's also recommended that you watch the import tutorial before you start. Once your prospects are imported, the free trial starts running from the date you first log into your account. The free trial consists of full use of the goyaPhone, free for two weeks. No credit card required. If you need more time to evaluate the software, feel free to ask.
We use a different terminology to qualify prospects, how does it work with the goyaPhone?
In the goyaPhone, you can set the status of a lead to new, cold, warm, hot, goal or dnc (do not call). If your business uses a different semantic, you can create a custom field that you can call "qualification", or "code", and then enter the qualification of a lead as a value of that field, for instance lwfa for "left without a forwarding address." Then, on the leadsheets page, you can perform an advanced search on custom fields and quickly find all the leads marked lwfa, or any other semantic. With custom fields, the goyaPhone adapts to your lead qualification terminology.
Is there a way to record phone calls?
Yes, the goyaPhone supports call recording. Recording phone calls has various legal implications and it's important to review all applicable regulations.
What's with the colors?
Unlike other sales software, the goyaPhone provides a visual experience that's designed to keep you going. It's not designed for the casual passer-by, it's designed for the regular end-user: a dull white-looking interface might initially look slick, but would be boring after a few hours of use. After you'll have spent a few days on the goyaPhone, you'll understand why it's designed to look like a toy rather than a boring professional business software.
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What's gamification?
Part of what makes a game addictive is the scoring system: people keep on playing a game because they earn points and want to beat their highest score. With the goyaPhone, you'll see your call statistics evolve in real-time. Every call increments the counter and every second of every call you'll have the feeling you're making progress. So rather than a drag, making that extra call will feel rewarding, and you'll keep going. The sub-conscious works like magic.
What makes the goyaPhone efficient to work with?
The goyaPhone is like the memory for salespeople: it remembers everything you do without you having to do much. It's like a CRM with the phone and the email integrated in one beautiful user interface: one click to dial, one click to prepare the follow-up email, one click to book appointments. So for instance, when you make a call, there's no need to log your sales activity manually: the goyaPhone logs it for you, no data entry, very efficient. And because all your sales data is in the software, the follow-up becomes very easy: "show me all the people I haven't spoken to in the last 3 months but with whom I spoke more than 5 minutes and who were even willing to receive an email." With the goyaPhone, you can find them in just a few clicks. That way, the work you did back then still counts because the goyaPhone helps you remember the leads you might have otherwise forgotten about. And that's why it's so efficient.
Better than what you have?
Is my data confidential?
Yes, we will never resell your data: our business model depends on our confidentiality and we are fully GDPR compliant. Your data is stored in France and backed-up with the Acronis back-up agent, using AES 128 bit encryption.
What do you accept for payment?
You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and the French Carte Bleue. All payments are processed via EasyTransac, a French credit card processor, and we don't store your credit card information on our servers. All transactions are paid in euros and if you reside outside the euro zone, your financial institution will convert the amount to your local currency.
Are there sales tax?
If you reside outside the European Union, all sales are tax free. If you reside in the European Union but not in France then all sales are tax free as well and we require a valid EU VAT number. If you're a French resident then you're subject to the standard 20% sales tax.
Is the goyaPhone good value?
By definition, value is the difference between benefits and cost, and part of the art of business is discerning value. Some spend thousands per month on salespeople, but cringe at spending a relatively marginal amount on a sales software: their salespeople work with subpar tools. Some purchase a sales software, but think of software as a commodity where the only difference is the price: their salespeople work with subpar software because someone saw value in saving 20€ a month. Some even hire one or two software developers to build an internal sales tool at a cost of 100-200K per year just to save 80€ a month on software, and their salespeople wonder why. So, is a telephone sales software good value? Is the goyaPhone good value? Is it better than what you have? Will it make your job easier? The best way to tell is to simply try it out and see how it impacts your prospecting and your bottom line. If you're working independantly, grab an Excel spreadsheet and in minutes you'll be on the phone. If you're managing a sales team, give it to both your strongest and your weakest performer and see for yourself. The value proposition of the goyaPhone is simple: remove the pain out of prospecting so that you get more prospects, more appointments, more closing opportunities and, ultimately, more sales.
Try it free for 2 weeks, no credit card required.
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