goyaPhone compatibility test

Windows 10 or Mac OS or Chromebook
Google Chrome
Web sockets enabled
Speakers or earbuds
A microphone
Microphone permission
Microphone volume
Click here to test
Email client test
Click on your current setup to create a test email and send it to your email client. If you see the outgoing email, you're all good.
Microphone connection issues
Depending on your configuration, there can be several causes
1. Chrome detects multiple microphones
Even thought there's only one physical microphone, Chrome may detect multiple logical microphones and connect to a non-functional microphone. Copy-paste the link below in a new tab to access Chrome Microphone Settings. If you see several logical microphones in the list, select a different microphone from the current one, and then restart Chrome. Repeat this process until Chrome connects to the logical microphone that maps to the actual microphone.
goyaPhone Compatibility Test
You can access the Chrome Microphone Settings by copying and pasting the following link in a new tab: chrome://settings/content/microphone
2. Windows Microphone Privacy
Windows 10 has a privacy option that disables access to the microphone at the system-level. Open the Microphone Privacy Settings popup and make sure your computer is configured to allow access to the microphone.
goyaPhone Compatibility Test
Further down in the popup, there's another privacy setting for each application. Make sure Google Chrome is in the list of applications that can access the microphone.
goyaPhone Compatibility Test
3. Microphone is disabled
Open the Device Manager, expand the Sound, Video and Game Controllers section, right-click on the microphone and open the Properties windows. Make sure the microphone is enabled.
goyaPhone Compatibility Test
4. Microphone volume is too low
To check the microphone volume, right-click on the sound icon and click Open Sound Settings. On the Sound popup, scroll down to the Input section, select the microphone and click on Device Properties and then adjust the volume.
goyaPhone Compatibility Test goyaPhone Compatibility Test goyaPhone Compatibility Test
The goyaPhone is an online software that you can access from any device. However, making phone calls and importing an Excel spreadsheet require technologies and that are currently only available on Google Chrome running on a Windows PC, Mac OS or a Chromebook. If you login with a device that's not fully compatible, such as a tablet, a smartphone or a desktop running a browser other than Chrome, you will not be able to make calls or import spreadsheets, but you will always have access to all your information and all other functionalities.
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All good
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Unsupported platform
Test Email Subject
Great, the mailto protocol works and you're good to go. Good luck.
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Low microphone volume, click for solution
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