compatibility test

The goyaPhone requires the following:
Windows PC or Mac OS or Chromebook
Google Chrome
A microphone
Microphone permission
Web sockets enabled
Speakers or earbuds
Email mailto protocol
Click here to test
The goyaPhone is an online software that you can access from any device, anywhere. However, making phone calls and importing an Excel spreadsheet require technologies and that are currently only available on Google Chrome running on a Windows PC, Mac OS or a Chromebook. If you login with a device that's not fully compatible, such as a tablet, a smartphone or a desktop running a browser other than Chrome, you will not be able to make calls or import spreadsheets, but you will always have access to all your information and all other functionalities.
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Test the mailto protocol
Clicking this link will create a test email and send it to your email client. If you see the outgoing email, then you're all good.
List of mailto browser extensions
If you're accessing your email in a browser, you're using webmail and need a browser extension (a plugin) so that the outgoing emails open in your browser. There are generic plugins or proprietary plugins, for instance Mailto for Gmail if you're using Gmail.
Test Email Subject
Great, the mailto protocol works and you're good to go. Good luck.
How to configure the mailto protocol
If you're using an installed program such as Outlook or Thunderbird and the test email didn't open then you need to configure your operating system so that it connects your email program with the mailto protocol.
All good
Not good: click for the solution
Unsupported platform
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