goyaPhone DSGVO (auf Englisch)

Origin and objective
This regulation, drafted by the European Parliament and the UE Council (regulation UE 2016/679), passed in 2016 and took effect May 2018. It seeks to harmonize the management of personal data within member states of the European Union, in terms of securing the data that businesses handle. Three objectives are set forth:
1) Reinforce the rights of individuals for oversight and transfer of personal and sensitive information.
2) Define the responsabilities of those who submit and those who handle data.
3) Harmonize data regulations within EU member states.
How GoyaCom implements GDPR
GoyaCom commits to respect the principles and objectives set forth in this new regulation by updating its terms and its disclaimers during the initial registration, and by enhancing some product functionalities:
Data collection
At registration, each user must submit the following data:
Personal user data
First name, Last name, Address, Cellphone, Timezone, Email, Username, Phone number for CallerID
Business data
Business name, EU VAT number (if applicable), Business form, Legal representative, Industry, Headcount, Website
Data storage
All personal data is stored in a database table, in a field that is unique to each user. GoyaCom will not modify or cancel any of the data submitted. The goyaPhone does not grant third-party to access any of the data submitted.
Cookies are small text files that it make possible to store of data in your browser and of which there are two types:
A visitor can, at any moment, refuse cookies by disconnecting from the site. Accepting cookies is a prerequisite for registration and a functional use of the goyaPhone. For more information, visit www.goyaphone.eu/cookies
List of partners and third-parties
GoyaCom made sure the third-parties comply with the new European GDPR regulation.
Data confidentiality
In addition to storing client data, the user also authorizes GoyaCom to store data generated when using the goyaPhone: call history, email history, notes, status history, lead selector history, payment history. User data is confidential.
The site administrator ensures the data remains secure and protected from breach of entry by any entity or person not part of GoyaCom. The site administrator is able, at any moment, to ensure data portability, backup and disposal. After 18 months of inactivity, an account may be deleted without the possibility to retrieve data.
GoyaCom does not store any credit card information.
User Rights and Obligations
The user can, at any moment, access his personal data. Further, he can modify and update his data.
At any moment, the user can erase his client file. All that will remain is the call history and the user accepts that GoyaCom collects and permanently stores the data necessary to reconstruct the call history.
The user is responsible for maintaining his password confidential.
The user is reponsible for the accuracy of the data submitted. Data submitted is considered a valid and accurate reflection of the user's situation.
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